iPhone 14 Plus 3 Layer Heavy Duty Shockproof Anti - Scratch Case

  • 3-Layer Defense: Our case boasts a robust three-layer design that combines a tough outer shell, a shock-absorbing core, and an anti-scratch inner layer. This trifecta provides unrivaled protection against drops, impacts, and scratches.

  • Precision Fit: Custom-made for the iPhone 14 Plus, this case offers precise cutouts for all buttons, ports, and functions, ensuring full access and functionality.

  • Shockproof: The shock-absorbing core of the case disperses impact energy, safeguarding your device from damage in case of accidental drops.

  • Anti-Scratch Interior: The inner layer is designed to protect your iPhone's delicate surface from scratches, keeping it pristine.

  • Sleek and Slim: Despite its heavy-duty protection, this case maintains a slim and stylish profile, ensuring your device is both secure and visually appealing.