About Us

Banana Cellular Solutions started as a company set out to cut out the middleman. Having several years experience in the phone repair industry, we developed a keen eye for the high demands of customers and clients that get tired of the run around anytime there is a issue with their devices.

Seeing the need to develop a high focused customer service based company that values exclusively on getting the devices back to the customer in a much shorter period of time, at a more than reasonable cost, with great coverage, we made sure to put together a fine list of services to help avoid having the frustrating hassle of running to places that can't help you and overly automated operating services that can't help answer questions.

Our over 10 years experience in the electronic device repair industry has helped us to create a top tier on the spot solutions based service to help simplify common complicated issues that most people don't have the time or patience to solve on their own. From physical repair of phones tablets, smart watches and computers, our team of experts are dedicated and committed to getting our customers back on track asap with a clear understanding of how to better manage their device issues. That is what we are all about, solutions!